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The future of healthcare ain't what it used to be

We have been researching and thinking about innovations that can help people and organisations to make great transitions from the legacy healthcare systems we have now, to future models of care that are more participatory, personalised, predictive and preventive. We identified a number of transformation drivers that will fundamentally change healthcare delivery models and this article presents a summary of these from the Innovation Brief we produced on The Connected Health Workforce

Personal Digital Identity Wallets

9Needs is developing an innovation to provide every child with ownership of a personal digital wallet, in which their identity assets can be stored and with which they will be able to transact, for instance to receive benefit vouchers for education services.  Identity and personal information about a child’s family, where they live and other key data are needed by every organisation and service that they will interact with. Over time, these interactions build the person’s profile and credibility in society and are the foundation for trust agreements — such as being accepted into a school, or opening a bank account. 

Giving little minds the Innovation Edge

9Needs is one of the first recipients of an innovation grant from The Innovation Edge. We will use this to demonstrate how Decentralised Applications (DApps), built using a cutting-edge new computing technology, can help organise, replicate and scale up interventions for Early Childhood Development (ECD).

Ways of thinking

As we navigate the pathway to the future, we must not get stuck with thinking how to predict or theorise what this will look like from our existing mental models. We should rather access ways of thinking that enable us to tap into our individual intuition and collective wisdom, to develop new representations of the possible future, as a starting point to decide what we can and must do. Thinking in this way can move us forward to make decisions that enable is to explore and discover, then learn and adapt.