Changing how the world is designed CAN create healthier and happier life for EVERYONE.

We believe that many of the problems in our world result from legacies of bad designs that have been generated or chosen without real care for the wellbeing of people and the planet.  So we are part of the movement to change this! This is the Design Happiness Project

  • We want healthier and happier life for all, including future generations, to share in and to enjoy.  
  • Design Happiness challenges professional designers to get serious about how to produce better designs that can enhance wellbeing.
  • We hope this will also contribute to the global conversations about the role of design in creating our future.

Design Happiness is about consciously designing products, services, places and experiences that can sustainably meet people's fundamental human needs (9Needs). We call this Human Scale Design, which is based on an explicit set of design principles. The results of Human Scale Design can be identified and quantified by the impacts of these designs on human wellbeing and happiness.


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